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Professional Testing, Inc.
Providing High Quality Examination Programs

About Us

Company Profile : Mission Statement

Our mission is to satisfy our clients' needs in planning, developing, implementing, and maintaining high quality and credible credentialing programs that assess the knowledge and skills of individuals.

To do this, we believe that:

  1. Valid and reliable assessments can be developed to identify individuals who have the knowledge and skills required for performance at pre-determined levels of mastery.
  2. The most successful assessments are administered by viable and credible organizations.
  3. Our clients have a need to accurately, fairly, and efficiently assess the knowledge and skills of individuals, and to do so with an understanding of the inter-relatedness of all program components.
  4. The assessment of professionals is critical to protecting the public welfare.
  5. We provide the best quality assessment and certification services.
  6. The success of our business depends upon satisfying our clients.