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Professional Testing, Inc.
Providing High Quality Examination Programs

Client Services

Program Development

Professional Testing launched its Professional Certification and Client Development Division to provide clients with the expertise and resources required to develop and implement robust and viable programs. We have a proven record of successfully developing, implementing, and managing high quality, credible and customer-focused professional certification programs. Our services include:

  • Program Audits
    With our years of experience in developing and administering programs, and with our extensive understanding about third-party accreditation and best industry practices, our team of experts will conduct an audit of your program and benchmark it against best practices. The audit will address the program's operations, policies and procedures, governance structure and practices, examination development and administration, ethics and disciplinary practices, and recertification requirements. We will assess your certification program's strengths, weaknesses, risks, and areas for improvement to enable your program to be the best in its class.
  • Certification Program Planning
    The most successful certification programs are carefully planned and launched. We provide expertise in conducting needs assessments and feasibility studies so that you know your position in the market place, the key demographics of the population to be certified, the value and benefits of the credential in the market, and your competition. We will help you design and implement successful eligibility, examination, recertification and disciplinary programs, and we will design the optimal governance and administrative structures to assist your program in achieving its goals.
  • Policy and Procedure Development
    Effective policies and solid procedures form the foundation of your certification program and inform each decision your organization makes. Policies should state up front all circumstances that apply to the program in its decision-making, administration, and operations. Policies range from establishing fee structures to determining examination content. Credible programs are supported by well written policies designed to protect the interests and integrity of the program, and to promote fair and just resolutions when problems arise. Our staff has been instrumental in assisting many certification programs build their foundation with well written policies.
  • Accreditation Preparation
    Professional Testing has an extensive working knowledge of the accreditation requirements of the leading national and international accreditation boards. We have a proven track record of assisting our clients to successfully achieve accreditation, and we have implemented corporate practices that assure the work we do on behalf of our clients meets and exceeds the standards. Our team will assist you in preparing the accreditation application, developing the documents needed to support compliance with the accreditation requirements, and re-tool program components and practices that may prohibit a successful accreditation decision.