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What are the components of Full-Scope Certification Programs?

There are several major program components typical of the "full scope" certification programs offered by many professions. They include the following:

Eligibility criteria
What the candidate needs to demonstrate and document in order to qualify for the exam; often a combination of experience and education is required for submission of the application.

The examination
The assessment instrument used to measure competency, typically based on a distinct body of knowledge, tasks, and skills required of certified professionals doing the job, and developed with guidance from experts in the field of test development and measurement.

Recertification requirements
What certificate holders must do to maintain the credential, typically a combination of continuing education and current experience; certification is not awarded for life.

The canons or professional standards certificate holders must agree to uphold and abide by, which are subject to enforcement.

Disciplinary program
The investigation and possible imposition of sanctions against certificate holders who violate the canons or standards.

Governance structure
Frequently a non-profit voluntary board along with committees, comprised of industry experts who provide oversight and contribute to various aspects of the program.

Written principles designed to assure fairness and consistency in decisions and practices in the certification program.

Benefits and services
Designed specifically for certificate holders, such as providing tips for promoting the credential, marketing skills and knowledge for advancement, publication of a directory, special recognition, and opportunities for continuing education and professional development for maintaining the credential.