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Recertification program - A program that defines the requirements for maintaining a credential. Recertification may be referred to as renewal, as certification is not awarded for life. Certificate holders must demonstrate continued competence at the skill and knowledge level assessed by the original certification. Frequently, recertification requirements includes continuing education and current experience.

Regulatory Board - A group of individuals appointed or elected with the authority over a credential, and assigned the duty of and responsibility for assuring its administration. This is also referred to as a Board of Directors or a Governing Board.

Reliability - The reliability of a test refers to its ability to produce consistent scores or classifications. This is one of the most important criteria for evaluating the quality of a test. There are several specific types of reliability, including decision consistency, parallel forms reliability, test-retest reliability, internal consistency, and interrater reliability.

Response options - The response options are the answer choices presented to the examinee in certain item types, such as the multiple choice. In most cases, the examinee is instructed to select the single, best option from these choices.